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Posted by on Jan 14, 2020 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Amplifier Heads – Loudah

The Amplifier Heads – Loudah

The Amplifier Heads are Sal Baglio and a couple of Syracuse NY power pop veterans – Ducky Carlisle and Paul Armstrong (The Flashcubes). That’s reason enough to give their new one, Loudah, a listen. But the best reason is that it’s a LOT of fun.

Firmly in the tradition of 60’s bubblegum, the band starts off with a theme song of sorts. Difference is, “The Boy With the Amplifier Head” is pure ass kickin’ Rolling Stones. Similarly, “Beat Club” is all big sound and even bigger attitude. As the title of the album says, “Loudah!”.

Funny story about the next track; On first listen, I thought the chorus was “Sharp Cheez-itz”. I swear. I thought to myself this has to be the first song I’ve ever heard about crackers. When I listened more carefully, I realized Baglio was singing “Jaw Teaser”. It’s a rockin’ song.

Here’s the genesis of the song as Sal tells it: “I actually took 90 percent of that lyric direct from an ad which was painted on the entire side of a brick triple decker in my hometown East Boston many, many years ago. The ad had to be from the 1950’s and was uncovered while tearing down a house directly across the street from the Gumball Factory. I immediately knew it was a song!!”

Hey, “Jaw Teaser” works, too.

“Starleen” is another rocker that sorta sounds like Chuck Berry meets Little Richard meets The Beatles. And Baglio shows a sense of humor with the pure power pop of “Two Headed Girl”. For listeners with an oral fixation, there’s “Big Wax Lips” and “Rock Candy”, both in a similar vein to the tracks that come before it. And “Sharp Cheez-itz” – I mean “Jaw Teaser”.

The Amplifier Heads’ Loudah is the perfect way to start off the year. It’s got everything – hooks, loud guitars, a sense of humor and the one thing any Stones influenced band should have. Big Wax Lips. See the band at IPO Liverpool this May and…..

Get it HERE at the band’s Bandcamp page.