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Posted by on Dec 8, 2015 in Music, News, Powerpop | 2 comments

Powerpop CD Review: The Modulators’ Try Try Try

Powerpop CD Review: The Modulators’ Try Try Try

Back in 1984, The Modulators released their first album entitled Tomorrow’s Coming. Well, tomorrow has indeed come – in fact, it’s been 11,315 tomorrows between that and their follow up LP, Try Try Try. My guess is, that wasn’t the plan.

modulators try try tryTry Try Try is another one of 2015’s pleasant surprises that seem to have come out of nowhere. It’s catchy, melodic stuff. Think something between roots-rock and merseybeat and you kinda get the picture.

“What’s On Your Mind” is a jangly gem that would fit in well on a Marshall Crenshaw LP. “Crystal Clear” is one big hook from start to finish and while “With Your Love” lifts the guitar intro from The Knack’s “That’s What the Little Girls Do”, it’s wonderful harmonies and memorable chorus make it a keeper.

But The Modulators saved the best for last. “You’re Nowhere” is a bouncy, melodic winner and a song you’ll be humming to yourself unconsciously before you realize the lyrics aren’t exactly uplifting. It’s am interesting dichotomy and makes the piece all that much more engaging.

Pick this one up from Kool Kat Musik.

And, while supplies last, you’ll get a bonus 4 song EP of more cool stuff from The Modulators.


  1. Thanks Richard for a fab review!

    • Thank YOU for making a cool record (and stopping by PPN)