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Posted by on Jul 23, 2019 in Music, News, Powerpop | 1 comment

Waterloo Sunset – A Benefit for This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio

Waterloo Sunset – A Benefit for This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio

Dana Bonn and Carl Caferelli have been hosting the best three hours of radio on the planet since I can remember. Hell, they’ve been doin’ this since before Google went public. Sure, imitators have come along since (Little Steven’s Underground Garage, did you say?) and we have Dana and Carl to thank for that. But there’s only one This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio.

With Waterloo Sunset – A Benefit for This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio, they’ve released their fifth power pop compilation in an effort to keep the lights on at their Westcott Radio home. And like the four that proceeded it, this new power pop compilation is well worth your $10 contribution.

Every track here is a keeper but in the interest of brevity, I’ll just touch on a few. Eytan Mirsky’s ode to breakfast cereal, “Flakes”, is gold (not unlike the color of sugar pops). It’s both amusing and catchy. The soulful “We Get High” is a top notch offering from the appropriately named Pacific Soul Limited (Adam Marsland, Teresa Cowles and Norman Kelsey). The Click Beetles’ “If Not Now Then When” is a 2:51 hook and Pop Co-op give us “Ten Times Today”, a 3 minute slice of tuneful alliteration. And The Grip Weeds’ “Infinite Soul” alone is worth the price of admission.

There’s great stuff here from Gretchen’s Wheel, Michael Slawter, Vegas With Randolph, Irene Pena, The Armoires and a killer XTC cover from The Anderson Council.

So do yourself and all of us a favor. Support TIRNR Radio by picking up your copy of Waterloo Sunset – A Benefit for This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio at their bandcamp page HERE. It’ll be the best $10 investment you’ve made since you bought that share of Google.

Listen to This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio every Sunday HERE.

1 Comment

  1. Thanks, Richard! But Dana and I can’t take any credit for this one; it was all Steve Stoeckel’s idea, working with all these talented people to do a benefit for us. We’re touched and grateful, but even our humility-challenged selves can’t claim we had anything at all to do with the wonderful result. We didn’t know anything about until a couple of weeks ago, didn’t know any specifics until less than a week ago, and didn’t hear any of it until the end of last week. All credit to the Allstars.


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