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Posted by on Apr 6, 2017 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Valley Lodge’s Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Any More (Book Review)

Valley Lodge’s Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Any More (Book Review)

I recently purchased a book by Valley Lodge’s Dave Hill. After looking at the jacket of this and every other book I own, it appears I’m obligated to use the word “astonishing” ad nauseum in this and all reviews. A conformist at heart, I thought I’d offer the book jacket blurb below in the hope that it pleases you, the reader, as well as Dave and the publisher. Then, the review.

“A true triumph. Dave Hill’s latest is an astonishing achievement and a must read for anyone with $13.99 burnin’ a hole in his or her pocket. Astonishing. And its a sexy, sexy book, too” – Power Pop News.

Dave, you have my permission to use that on your next book jacket if you wish. Now, lets discuss the details, shall we?

dave hill doesn't live here any moreMany of us will immediate relate to Hills stories, particularly those of us with a creative bend. He admits to an affinity for Judith Light and Tony Danza (Who’s The Boss), and working with Donald Trump. He recognizes that good humor always has an element of truth to it and doesn’t mind revealing some that might be a little bit uncomfortable or embarrassing. We empathize with him rather than feel sorry for him – because he is a reflection of us. And let’s face it, he’s shredding it on HBO and Comedy Central while we’re going to a 9 to 5 job and driving a minivan to soccer practice. When it comes to life, he’s winning and most of the rest of us are not.

Speaking of relatable stories, some of his best revolve around interaction with family. For example, his parents hired a life coach to try to convince him to find a real job. Sound familiar? Sounds like my parents. And his 82 year old dad is learning to play Led Zeppelin songs on piano. That is MUCH more kick-ass than my dad. God, I’m jealous. Then there is Dave’s childhood flirtation with boxing.

Read about his first attempt to perform “Stairway to Heaven” at his high school talent show and you’ll understand why he absolutely must go to his next High School Reunion. But it’s Dave’s visit to see a friend in a Mexican prison that steals the show for me, anyway.

Whether you’re a power pop fan or just want to sit back and read a few funny stories, you’ll enjoy Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Any More. And, if you’re a creative type with a well-meaning albeit rigid Roman Catholic family, you’ll really dig this book. Get your copy at Amazon.

You can find Musician/Comedian Dave Hill shredding in bars around Brooklyn with his band Valley Lodge or on his radio show on WFMU (the only off-line radio station still worth listening to). Word is that there is a new Valley Lodge record on the way some time in the not too distant future so we’ll bring that to your attention when the time is right.