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Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in News, Powerpop |

David Myhr & Linus of Hollywood – Melody & Madness EP

David Myhr & Linus of Hollywood – Melody & Madness EP

Back in 2012, former Merrymaker David Myhr released Soundshine, a collection of pop singles that wear extraordinarily well. That year’s best single (in my opinion, anyway), “Got You Where He Wanted”, came from that album. In 2015, Myhr and Linus of Hollywood (Kevin Dotson) teamed up to tour Sweden, U.K., and Spain “armed with our melodies and our acoustic guitars”. While we in the states were not fortunate enough to be able to attend any performances, they made a 3 song EP available in both physical and digital form. So all is not lost.

melody and madnessMelody and Madness is a short one – 3 tracks in all – but they’re 3 very good tracks. The guys cover one song from each artist and a cover of a Badfinger classic. Most noteworthy though, it’s Linus that sings David’s song and vice versa. The disc hits an uplifting note from the start with Myhr singing Linus’ “Ready for Something Good”. Then, Linus takes his turn with a terrific track from Myhr’s Soundshine album entitled “Icy Tracks”. They finish with an acoustic cover of Badfinger’s “Come and Get It”. Love the bongo drums.

Thematically, I found the EP to be on the positive side, kind of uplifting in a way. Great for a Monday morning commute to work or the start to any day, really. GO HERE to get your digital copy of the Melody and Madness EP. In the meantime, enjoy the performance below as well as this promo video from the tour.