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Posted by on Feb 15, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Star Collector – Attack, Sustain, Decay…Repeat 

Star Collector – Attack, Sustain, Decay…Repeat 

The new (6th) Star Collector album is here – 12 new, mod-infused tracks that pick up where their last release, Game Day, left off. One listen to Attack, Sustain, Decay…Repeat and I was immediately reminded of The Who, The Jam and The Faces. As with Game Day, the performances are first rate (particularly the guitars) and the production dynamic.

As soon as one hears the opening percussive work in “Feel It Comin’ On”, there is no doubt as to the band’s influences. Thematically, it’s a celebration of the act of creating – in this case, specifically songwriting. “Beat It To Death” rocks hard and the guitar solo is exquisite. 

The main guitar riff in “If We Can’t Take a Joke” creates an aural motif that is reminiscent of Revolver era Beatles. The sparse instrumentation of “Cross My Heart” is a nice juxtaposition to the louder, rockier tracks. 

Get Star Collector’s Attack, Sustain, Decay…Repeat at Kool Kat

Want a physical copy (CD) of the new one from Star Collector? Get your copy of Attack, Sustain, Decay…Repeat at Kool Kat Musik. Want the digital version? You can get that at Star Collector’s Bandcamp Page.