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Posted by on Mar 9, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Star Collector – Game Day

Star Collector – Game Day

In 2017, Vic Wayne & co. began writing new material again, resulting in a brand spankin’ new Star Collector album entitled Game Day.  I can’t speak as to whether it’s consistent with past efforts as this (their fifth release) is my first exposure to their music. I can however attest to one thing –  Game Day packs a wallop. The guitars are big, the production dynamic and the arrangements engaging.

The opening, title track is a stylistic gem reminiscent of The Who. From thundering drums to muscular guitars, everything about the sound is big. The guitars alone are worth the price of admission on “Rip It Off”.

 “The Silent Type” is a start to finish hook with a memorable guitar motif behind it. It’s one of my early favorites.  Songs that lure you in with a great bass line or lyrics that hint at something darker are always great and “Super Zero Blues” delivers. “I got something on you. You got something on me. We’re both in so deep I can’t quite believe.” Good stuff.

Steve Monteith’s guitars are reason enough to pick up a copy of Star Collector’s Game Day but the production job done by Vic Wayne and Evan Foster is worth mentioning, too. I’ve read that Wayne doesn’t consider himself a producer. You’d be hard pressed to know that from the results he’s gotten here.

Star Collector’s Game Day is a great record for guitar aficionados, fans of The Who, The Jam or anybody who likes catchy, melodic guitar driven pop-rock. Get your copy from their Bandcamp page.