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Posted by on Sep 20, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Rinehearts – Full Bloom

The Rinehearts – Full Bloom

My long time fascination with Australian power pop is well documented in the pages of this site. From The Summertimes, to the On & Ons to DM3, I’ve always found something unique and intriguing about that radio perfect sound. Such is the case with The Rinehearts and their second full length entitled Full Bloom.

Sugar Sweet & Sticky

Power pop hero Dom Mariani is in the producers chair for this one and the results are every bit as good as we would expect from a master of his craft. The keyboard opening of “Goodness” leads us right into a bubblegum sticky chorus, giving us that sugar high right off the bat. “Powerlines” is textbook, vintage power pop reminiscent of The Nerves. “Call Me Up” has a multi-layered, harmonic chorus that never fails to make me smile.

As with all good albums, there’s a track that’s a little different from the others – one that captures your imagination. Here it’s “I Don’t Mind”, its a little more muscular that the others. With a base line worthy of an old Smithereens song, it rocks harder than the others before it ends on a dead stop. The exquisite harmonies of “Delilah” follow, a perfect juxtaposition to the track before it.

Pre-order The Rinehearts’ Full Bloom

Release date is October 13. Pre-order your copy of The Rinehearts’ Full Bloom at their label’s band camp page HERE.