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Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Music, News |

Dave Birk Update: Speed Queen hits Japan

Dave Birk Update: Speed Queen hits Japan

dave birk, powerpop artistDave Birk released one of the pleasant surprises of 2012, his Fountains of Wayne-ish powerpop LP entitled Speed Queen Mystery Date. The single by the same name was one of my favorites of the year. Later, Dave released his first music video for the opening track on the LP, Hey Jody, which he so graciously allowed us to debut on this site, a tremendous honor (especially since it’s such a kick-ass track!).

If you’re a frequent visitor, then you know that we try to catch up with our favorite performers to find out what’s new from time to time. Dave was gracious as always, letting us know of a few really exciting things that are breaking “as we speak”.

Firstly, Birk tells us that he’s in the process of finalizing a marketing and distribution deal with This Time Records in Japan. It gets better….

Several tracks from the LP are in rotation now on Alan Haber’s Pure Pop internet radio station. They include the title track, “All Things Retro”, “Country Music 101”, and “Summer’s End” (great choices, Alan!). Wait! There’s more…..

speed queen mystery dateTwo more videos from Speed Queen Mystery Date are in pre-production, so “Stay tuned for All Things Retro and Summer’s End to hit your YouTube screen this summer”, Dave tells us. An even cooler thing….as a former art school and film guy, I love it when talented folks support fellow artists, and Birk is doing exactly that.
“I’ve recruited two young people, Max and Ruby Jane, for this work.” Can’t wait to see Max and Ruby Jane’s work!

Now the news we’ve been waiting for. NEW MUSIC! Dave explains: “A couple of new songs are in the works and will be released for download this summer. One of which will be “Drive On”; a percolating pop tune that pairs perfectly with your morning commute. Lots of new ideas competing for the second song slot”. This is very good news. We’ll be checking Birk’s ReverbNation page and we’ll let you know as soon as they’ve been released.

dave-birkIt’s always very illuminating when artists share some of the stuff they’ve been listening to, and Birk has shared a few a few of the local bands he’s been following. Dave describes them as “great music by some up-and-comers: Leagues, Venus on Fire, The Phoenix Philosophy, Mike Michel* (Bill Mike Band and Mike Michel & The Universal Co-op), Grayshot (my producer and bass player’s band), and Greycoats”.

Finally, thanks again to Dave Birk for sharing not only his talent, but a little bit of inside information on what’s happening in his world. Great stuff!