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Posted by on May 2, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Caruso – In The Face

Caruso – In The Face

Dave Caruso has had a pretty darn good solo career specializing in intelligent, catchy pop. His past three LPs, 2020’s Radiophonic Supersonic, 2017’s Buddha Pesto Manifesto and 2014’s Cardboard Vegas Roundabout all wound up on year end best of lists. And yet, I knew little about Dave’s beginnings. That is, until In the Face.

Celebrating the record’s 35th anniversary, Dave and his brothers Rob and Mike have chosen to reissue In the Face, giving longtime fans a chance to relive memories – and others the opportunity to discover what they inexplicably missed the first go ‘round. Remastered and with bonus tracks, In the Face consists of 17 tracks of 80’s style guitar pop delivered with a smooth, irrepressible cool.

An Instantly Familiar Sound

“She’s a Sensation” features the brothers’ vocal deftness and a Cars-like underpinning. The punchy “Going Places” is vintage 80’s powerpop and a great deal of fun. If it’s a musical confection you crave – a sonic burst of harmony wrapped in a chocolaty pop-punk shell, the live recording of “Another Girl” is sure to do the trick.

As good as these tracks are, the big payoff is the opening track. “London” instantly sounds familiar despite the fact that I’d never heard it before. Propelled by percussive whips reminiscent of so many 80’s hits, “London” kicks into overdrive with the brothers delivering stellar vocals. It has all the earmarks of a hit. A BIG one. And it makes you wonder why the band wasn’t signed to a major label.

Get Caruso’s In the Face

Get your copy of In the Face at Caruso’s Bandcamp Page.  Visit Dave’s website to discover Dave’s solo work and all of his other music related activities.