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Posted by on Oct 25, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio Vol. 5 Is Here!

This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio Vol. 5 Is Here!

A notice in the The Syracuse New Times, where I interned as a student, prompted its creation. And it’s been going strong for the last 23 years. Every Sunday night at 9, This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio with Dana & Carl is on the air. And dammit, we’re all better people for it.

Where else can you hear the best artists of yesterday and today? I know of only one other place. On their latest CD release entitled Dana & Carl Present: This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio Vol. 5.

Every one of the 27 tracks in this collection is worthy of your attention.  That said, I’m going to mention a few that really knocked my socks off. Pop Co-Op’s “Extra Beat In My Heart” is a real winner. Maura and the Bright Lights’ “Perfect Girl” is irresistibly catchy retro pop. The unforgettable melody of Hoover & Martinez’s “The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants” and Jeff Shelton’s (Deadlights) chiming guitars are highlights as well.

Mirsky, Mas & More

And then, there’s Carolyn Mas. I first heard and saw her perform some 40 years ago at The Jabberwocky, a now defunct club on the Syracuse University campus. You may remember her hit song, “Still Sane”. Her track, “In the Rain” is a lovely surprise.

If maximum jangle shakes your tree, then you’ve gotta hear Stevenson and Company’s “Talking Down to Me” or The Jangle Band’s “So Long”. Justine & The Unclean’s “Vengeance” is a killer track. And what better way to leave us wanting more than to finish with the faux optimism of Eytan Mirsky’s “This Year’s Gonna Be Our Year”.

It isn’t easy to keep a show going for 23 years – on a publicly funded radio station. And yet, Dana Bonn & Carl Cafarelli have done just that – with good taste (always), lots o’class (usually), and beer commercials (never). So pony up. Show some love. GET IT HERE.

Get Your Copy at Kool Kat Musik

Here’s to another 23 years of the best 3 hours of radio on the whole friggin’ planet. GET THE CD AT KOOL KAT MUSIC. If it’s mp3 that you prefer, get the download here.