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Posted by on Nov 15, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop | 2 comments

Punchy Power Pop from Push Puppets

Punchy Power Pop from Push Puppets

Allegory Grey is the third release and second full length from this Palantine, Illinois pop/rock ensemble. These Puppets push all the right buttons with this collection of 10 very strong, very catchy radio-friendly tunes.

“There’s No One Else Like Lynette” is a punchy piece of power pop, bouncing along to an infectious beat. It’s a start to finish, four minute hook. If swing is your thing, then “The Bane of My Existence” is the song for you. Love the keyboards on this one. Eric Sprecht’s smooth vocals wind their way effortlessly around each word with accompanying harmonies perfectly placed. The guitar solo is a tasty bit, too.

The bluesy “Obvious” is a pleasant surprise, especially with the twist into the chorus. Once again, the keyboard parts are a highlight. “October Surprise” sounds a bit like a Crowded House or Captain Wilberforce song. The chorus is both powerful and memorable. And “Lightening in a Dress” has a rather unorthodox verse leading into a chorus that’s a real earworm. It too, is a wonderful surprise.

Purchase Push Puppets’ Power Pop Album

There isn’t a clunker among the ten tracks on Push Puppets’ Allegory Grey. These guys really deliver the goods. The songs are strong and the performances even stronger, it that’s possible.

Push Puppets are: Eric Sprecht (guitar, vocals), Greg Essig (drums), John William Lauler (bass), and Kyle Magnussen (keyboards).

Allegory Grey is another fine power pop release from JEM records. You can get it HERE.


  1. I am a huge fan of this band. I learned about them on Radio Indie alliance. They play in my car all the time!

    • I’m with you. They really are good. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!