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Posted by on Jul 13, 2022 in News | 2 comments

Phil Angotti Goes Once Around Again

Phil Angotti Goes Once Around Again

I have to confess that Phil Angotti is one of those guys who has fallen through the cracks of my musical periphery, so to speak. I know him as the guy who fronted Material Reissue singing in Jim Ellison’s stead. That’s despite the fact that Angotti has 13 previous albums to his credit.

The latest and his fourteenth, Once Around Again, is a bit of a revelation. These ten tunes are not only engaging, but the singing is extraordinary. Songs are well crafted, adorned with the requisite guitar jangle and lovely harmonies.

Harmonies & Jangle to Spare

The opening track, “Mystery Street” sounds as if Pete Townsend and company would have enjoyed performing it. “Mr. Harris Tweed” is an entertaining 60’s style character profile and the contemplative “Eye for an Eye” showcases Angotti’s well honed singing voice.

Phil channels The King in “Pricilla”, a fast paced romp through life in the fast lane. The infectious “You Say the Funniest Things” is anything but your average relationship song. Catchy as all get go, the harmonies are lovely and most important, this melody sticks. It’s first rate guitar pop.

That said, the standout track is “Shy Violet”. Jangly guitars, lovely harmonies and a whopping hook of a chorus makes this one extraordinary. This and the aforementioned “You Say the Funniest Things” are among my favorite songs of the year.

Wait! There’s More!

It appears I have some work to do. There are 13 more Angotti albums for me to discover. In the meantime, Once Around Again is on heavy rotation here at my place. If you haven’t purchased your copy of Phil Angotti’s Once Around Again yet, you can get the CD at Kool Kat Musik and the digital version at Phil’s Bandcamp page. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


  1. FYI “You Say the Funniest Things” is a remake of the song that was on his 1992 album Sideways Smile (under the group name The Idea).

    • I had no idea (no pun intended). Thanks so much for the clarification – and taking the time to contribute that correction. It’s appreciated!