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Posted by on Jun 29, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Pensive Pop From Ex Norwegian & Supercrush

Pensive Pop From Ex Norwegian & Supercrush

Since there are so many good releases this summer, I’m going to cover two of them today. First up is Ex Norwegian‘s Spook Du Jour and then Supercrush‘s Melody Maker.

Power Pop & Post Punk from Ex Norwegian

I missed the first 12 Ex Norwegian albums so this is my introduction to the band. That makes Spook Du Jour lucky number 13. As luck would have it, their latest is pretty damn good.

Influences run from power pop to psych pop to glam. The former is best exemplified by the very catchy opening track, “Teen Bakery”. Roger Houdaille gives us a whopping hook for a chorus. It isn’t easy to forget this one. The Bowie influence is undeniable in “Burn It”, an unforgettable piece of outside-the-box guitar pop.

Ex Norwegian wear their post-punk, minimalist hats on “Fresh ATM” and “For Your Convenience”. These two are among my favorite tracks on the album. There is so much variety in style and genre reference that it keeps the listener engaged. Atypical lyrical content makes it all the more interesting.

Ex Norwegian are Roger Houdaille (Guitars, Bass, Synths, Mellotron, Percussion, Vocals), Michelle Reinkopf (Harmony Vocals), Kevin Sgarro (Lead & Slide Guitars), Fernando Perdomo (Drums).

Order your digital copy through Bandcamp. Better yet, get the CD with a nice lyric booklet at Kool Kat Musik.

Supercrush – Melody Maker

Next up, Supercrush’s Melody Maker. This Seattle quintet shares some of the same grunge/power pop sensibilities as many of the 90’s acts out of the Northwest. Named after a student model electric guitar (and the magazine), Melody Maker consists of five outtakes from their SODO Pop LP of 2020. That said, these tracks are anything but also rans.

The opening guitar chug of “Perfect Smile” leads into a melody so radio friendly that it instantly sounds familiar. Opening up with the chorus was smart on “Hey Christine”, another earworm. Buzzing guitars and hand claps dominate the title track, one that at times sounds like a throwback to one of Seattle’s greatest ever, Super Deluxe.

The guys don’t let up one iota with the final two tracks. “Trophy” is another hooky number and the background vocals and guitar buzz on “Helium High” make this track almost as engaging as its predecessors.

Get Supercrush’s Melody Maker

Supercrush are Mark Palm (guitars, vocals, auxiliary percussion, piano), Phil Jones (bass guitar), Allen Trainer (drums), Greg Ehrlich – organ (track 2), and  Jay Kardong – pedal steel (track 3). Get Supercrush’s Melody Maker at their Bandcamp page.