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Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in News, Powerpop | 3 comments

Norwegian Power Pop from Caddy – The Better End

Norwegian Power Pop from Caddy – The Better End

Norwegian Tomas Dahl plays virtually every instrument on The Better End, the latest Caddy CD. With a guest performance or two from power pop great Dom Mariani and vocalist Janne Hea, Dahl makes creating rich soundscapes and writing catchy hooks seem effortless.

the better endThe cascading “Here it Comes Again” acts as a perfect opening – and it only gets better from there. “Something About Carina” is one giant hook and will be appreciated by Fountains of Wayne fans. The Tom Petty inspired “Into The Sun” is the perfect song for a summer drive and the Brian Wilson inspired title track is a real people please-er with its hooky chorus and great harmonies. Dahl’s creative soundscapes make every song sound unique while at the same time, his penchant for writing a catchy melody creates a comfortable familiarity.

“Bring It Back” is a bouncy pop gem and the back and forth between Dahl and guest vocalist Janne Hea make it a real treat. The King of Australian power pop, Dom Mariani, contributes to the album’s finest track. “No Sudden Moves”, is guitar pop at its very finest.You’ll be humming it’s irresistible chorus for hours – make that days after having first heard it.

The Better End is one of this summer’s great surprises. Get your copy HERE.


  1. Hmmm, iTunes has this fine album but I do not see “No Suddeen Moves” listed there. Is this a Kool Kat-only track? I am a fan of Dom Mariani and would love to hear it.

    • I’ll contact Kool Kat to find out. As soon as I hear back, I’ll post it here. Thanks so much for the question.

    • Yes – the CD has more tracks than the vinyl pressings…..