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Posted by on Jan 11, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Amplifier Heads – SaturnalienS

Amplifier Heads – SaturnalienS

Under the category of I can’t believe I missed this one, it’s time we talked about The Amplifier Heads’ SaturnalienS. Released in October of last year, it’s another winner from Sal Baglio and Rum Bar Records.

With SaturnalienS, Amplifier Heads bring us a concept album with nods to the bands that made the 70’s the era of glam, garage and good drugs. It’s Ziggy Stardust meets Roman Gods. New York Dolls meet T Rex. And it’s way more fun than a pet rock.

Rock acts of the 70’s made extensive use of the double entendre. Not one to let a good tool go to waste, Baglio gives us “Earth Girls on the Loose”.  “Glamarama” is single worthy and a 70’s rock ‘n’ roll history lesson in the voice of The Sweet. There’s a lyrical reference to one of the band’s classic tunes at the very end of the song that works so very well.

“Candy Starr” rocks to a sinister beat and includes the memorable lyric “Sometimes a screw is just a screw that’s driving in the side of you. Sometimes you hit the nail on the head.” Not sure what it means but I love it. And the melodious jangle of “The House of Young Dolls” is simply irresistible.

Like Music for Abandoned Amusement Parks and Loudah before it, SaturnalienS is more than a mere collection of singles. It’s a full and complete listening experience. Get your copy at the Rum Bar/Amplifier Heads Bandcamp page.