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Posted by on Mar 30, 2021 in Music, News |

Beebe Gallini – Pandemos

Beebe Gallini – Pandemos

In an old episode of The Brady Bunch, Beebe Gallini is a hard to please client of Mike’s who knows what she wants. Namely, FUN. With Pandemos, Beebe Gallini (the band, that is) give us 13 tracks of rip roarin’ fun – loud, a little rough around the edges and exhilarating.

“My Way of Thinking” seems to be getting a fair bit of early airplay and there’s no wonder why. It has an immediacy to it as well as an infectious chorus that makes you think you’ve heard it before. The guitar work is awesome.

There are some interesting character sketches. For example, “Dusty” is a woman going out for the night. One would assume she won’t be coming back early. Listen to “Mean Mama” and you’ll hear the lyrics weave around the chords in a similar manner to how Excene Cervenka used to do it. I love this. I got a similar feeling from “Thunderbird ESQ”. Although the band’s sound isn’t especially reminiscent of X, the attitude certainly is.    

Although Pandemos is more of a garage record than anything, a song such as the aforementioned “My Way of Thinking” is poppy enough that power pop fans will be drawn to the sound as well. If you like The Fleshtones or Tim Lee 3, give Beebe Gallini a try. Get it at Rum Bar Records.