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Posted by on Nov 24, 2020 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Richard Turgeon – Sea Change

Richard Turgeon – Sea Change

Richard Turgeon is amazingly prolific. Each year brings a new album. And while one might admire the sheer number of recordings he produces each year, there’s something far more impressive going on. With Sea Change, the sound is bigger and hook-ier than ever.

“Never Leaving California” has those edgy guitars I’ve always loved on previous RT albums. If Mitch Easter produced Husker Du, this is what I imagine it might sound like. The vocal delivery, reminiscent of REM, works perfectly for the subject matter.

 “Car Crash” is hook on top of hook on top of hook and “Still Not Ready to Die” is a spirited romp thru Whoville (not to be confused with the Dr. Suess penned address of the same name). And while we’re on the road, Richard takes us to Weezertown with “Jolene”.

Try listening to “Higher” without singing along to the chorus. Dare ya.

The album closes with “Cull the Hurd”, giving us yet another hook-fest and leaving us wanting more. If it were pre-pandemic, this is where we would yell for an encore. No worries though. If past is any precedent, we won’t have long to wait.

Richard’s releases regularly show up on our year end top 20 list. All are recommended and available through his Bandcamp page. That said, you can get his latest, Sea Change, at Bandcamp in digital form or if you prefer the physical CD, go to Kool Kat Music.