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Posted by on Jul 29, 2020 in News |

Librarians with Hickeys – Long Overdue

Librarians with Hickeys – Long Overdue

One would assume that the title of the new Librarians With Hickeys album makes reference both to the band’s long overdue debut as well as the stereotypical never returned library book. And in stereotypical fashion, I figured with a name like that they’d be just another average guitar pop band.  Boy, was I wrong.

Librarians With Hickeys combine keen pop sensibilities with lots of sparkle and jangle to create a guitar pop lover’s dream. You’ll hear glimpses of The Byrds, REM and maybe even Velvet Crush in their sound. I bet Mitch Easter would have loved to produce these guys.

The album starts out with the single “Until There Was You”, establishing the blueprint for the band’s sound. As good as it is (and it’s very good), the album gets stronger as it goes along. The jangle and harmonies of “That Time Is Now” has a distinctively Byrds feel that’ll make you feel immediately at home.  The less is more approach to “Be My Plus One” is pure ear candy and as charming as anything I’ve heard in a long time. But the best is yet to come.

Perfect Power Pop

This REM fan damn near fell over after first hearing “Obsession”. If this doesn’t slay you, they appropriately saved the coupe de grace for last. “Black Velvet Dress” is perfect pop. It’s the song you want to sing along to in the car at full volume and with the top down. This one is a best power pop song of the year candidate.

The scheduled release date is August 14 but you can pre-order Librarians With Hickeys’ Long Overdue from Big Stir Records NOW. HIGHLY (and I mean HIGHLY)  RECOMMENDED.