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Posted by on Jan 8, 2020 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Lannie Flowers – Home

Lannie Flowers – Home

Lannie Flowers covers a lot of ground with his latest work entitled Home. While doing so, there is a single thematic vein that runs though the entire album. Most noteworthy, Home consists of some of the best written songs you’ll find an any place or any time. And nuances within each work to make them even more effective.

For example, the tick-tock of the guitar in “Just Go To Sleep” creates the perfect backdrop for a song about insomnia. The slow and easy feeling of “My Street” takes us on a leisurely stroll down the block to Lannie’s place. It’s nothing short of delightful. 

The title track is stylistically similar to Flowers’ earlier work. “Home” has a Beatles-like groove that’s most appropriate for the subject matter. Speaking of the Beatles, “It’s All Over” feels like a McCartney Band of the Run era track to me. And “He’s Got Himself” is a lyrical gem – along with numerous other tracks on Home.

Here’s the kicker – the melodies are so very catchy throughout the entirety of “Home”.  There’s not a wasted moment here, lyrically, melodically or otherwise.

It’s time you went Home. Depending on how you consume your music, you can get your copy of the new Lannie Flowers album at CD Baby, iTunes and Kool Kat Musik.