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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Music, News |

Say it with flowers; Lannie Flowers’ New Songs, Old Stories (A Review)

Say it with flowers; Lannie Flowers’ New Songs, Old Stories (A Review)

Fall is here, which means cooler temperatures, beautiful hues, and more activity on the college club circuit. Autumn is the perfect time to say it with flowers…Lannie Flowers’ New Songs, Old Stories.

Flowers’ autumn collection reflects the rich, bold tradition of pop music. “Give Me A Chance”, the centerpiece song here, is accented by 8 other melodic, colorful numbers, all meant to give the lucky recipient a gift blooming with the riches of the new season. Accented by festive numbers from a previous offering, 2006’s Same Old Story, this Flowers arrangement celebrates the same lush accents and expounds on them further, letting each bloom to it’s full-length splendor. Great melodies and memorable lyrics abound, from the teenage boredom theme of “Another Weekend”, to the George Harrison-esque guitar opening of “You, Yeah You” to the infectious chorus behind “Another Boy Like Me”. “Give Me A Chance” is most certainly a welcomed addition to the list of best singles of 2012.

But wait! There’s more! Presented in an attractive six panel CD booklet, New Songs, Old Stories contains two brand new compositions, both meant to accent the vibrancy of the older Flowers. Order now and receive a complimentary pat on the back for having great taste in music.



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