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Posted by on Jun 16, 2020 in News |

Catesby Jones – These Roads of No Return

Catesby Jones – These Roads of No Return

Most folks know Catesby Jones from his country music past, most notably the Travis Tritt hit song “Country Club” or “Read My Licks” with Chet Atkins. I’d describe his latest, These Roads of No Return, as less country and more melodic pop – a singer/songwriter doing what few do as well as he. And that works for me.

“Makin Mellow” starts things off on an upbeat note with a chorus that’s so catchy it’d make a great TV Theme song. Like the guy in the Farmer’s Insurance commercial, he’s seen a few things. “I’m rounder at the corners, weaker in the seams. Fuzzy on the edges and deeper in my dreams, making peace with who I used to be”. Brilliant.

Meaning of life songs have always been too vague for me. However, with “Knowing How It Ends”, Jones articulately covers a subject so vast – and in 3 minutes 13 seconds – that I would have thought he’d crawled inside my head and took notes. You will, too. It’s scary good.

When we need a little levity, he give us “She’s All Thumbs”. “Don’t Want to Let Her Go” follows and it’s is a real earworm. With an infectious melody, it’ll stay with you long after the initial listen. Like “Knowing How It Ends”, the title track is everyone’s story and yet another example of truly great songwriting. But the best is yet to come.

The album’s final track, “Time Can’t Steal”, may be my favorite. It swings like a Graham Parker song and Catesby sings it in a kind of breezy, effortless way that’s just perfect. Now that I think about it, my favorite song changes every time I listen to the album.

Masterfully produced by Jamie Hoover, Catesby Jones’ These Roads of No Return is available at his website or at Amazon. If singer/songwriter fare is your thing, you want this album. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.