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Posted by on May 1, 2018 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Make

Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Make

Try to describe Blake Jones & The Trike Shop. It’s much easier said than done. One thing is certain. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop’s Make is one of the more interesting albums you’ll likely hear this year.

Veering in direction from pop to psyche to novelty, there’s a lot here to digest. In spite of this, there’s a continuity to it all that makes it feel like a single, well thought out work.

blake jones & the trike shopAn immediate favorite, “My Soft Rock Girlfriend” is quirky but extremely relatable. “Hard Pan Hard Land” is not only a terrific pop song, it shows Blake Jones to be one helluva vocalist. Ever wonder what the theme to Goldfinger would sound like if it were performed by swarming bees? Of course you have. Well, wonder no more! Blake Jones’ cover of this classic is sure to make you smile.

“Wednesday” may remind some of Seattle’s Green Pajamas while giving us a great psyche-pop tune to further enhance our listening experience. “My Girl (Brings Me Colors)” blows through like a cool summer breeze, bringing us right back to where we started.

In addition to Jones, the band members are: Ronald “Doc” Morse (guitar), Martin Hansen (bass), John Shafer (drums), and Barbara Anderson-Jones (flute, vocals).

This release shares something in common with the latest Stan Laurels‘ album discussed here last week. Both are thoughtful, humorous and just plain bizarre at times. That said, Blake Jones’ Make is a roller coaster ride well worth taking. Get your copy HERE.

Here’s a sample from an earlier Blake Jones release: