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Posted by on Dec 17, 2019 in Music, News, Powerpop |

It’s Karma It’s Cool & Big Stir

It’s Karma It’s Cool & Big Stir

Some really exciting things are happening over at Big Stir Records these days. The label has a terrific roster, magazine, and live showcase. My favorite thing of all though, is the Big Stir Digital Series. Currently, the series features a killer track from Jim Styring and his band, It’s Karma It’s Cool.

You know Jim from Pop Dogs and his gem of an album entitled Cool Cats for Pop Dogs. The band’s new single, “Wooden Buddha”, is first rate in every way. Melodic pop at it’s very best, if you liked Pop Dogs, you’ll love “Wooden Buddha”. Previous Big Stir singles feature the likes of The Brothers Steve, Lannie Flowers, Blake Jones, David Brookings….the very impressive list goes on an on.

While all of the Big Stir digital singles will eventually be available on CD, you can get immediate gratification (and who doesn’t like immediate gratification?) by visiting the Big Stir Digital Singles download page. Every Friday, a new pop single will be waiting for you. It doesn’t get better than that.

If you’re in or near Burbank and you haven’t checked one of the Big Stir live showcases yet, you’re missing something special. You’ll see and hear great bands like Plasticsoul and Blake Jones & the Trike Shop. And let’s not forget Big Stir Magazine, a comic book style power pop almanac of sorts with articles and reviews. Where else can you find an interview with Martin Newell?

Stop by the Big Stir website. Check out the new releases and by all means, the new digital single from It’s Karma, It’s Cool. You won’t be sorry.