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Posted by on Mar 6, 2017 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Tom Baker & The Snakes’ Lookout Tower

Tom Baker & The Snakes’ Lookout Tower

The jangly guitars on the final track on Tom Baker and the Snakes’ new release make “Say Goodbye” an instant hit with me as it likely will with other power pop fans. And while the remainder of this 11 song effort is more out of the straight-up rock ‘n’ roll vein, there’s plenty more here to like. The band’s sound reminds me somewhat of fellow Bostonians J. Geils Band although some may draw references to Tom Petty. If you need a more current comparison, perhaps The Satisfactors or Watts will do. Any way you slice it, Lookout Tower is a winner.

tom baker snakes coverFor those who demand to hear a “single”, consider the uber-catchy “Doll Eyes”. Baker gets extra points for referencing Lord Stanley’s Cup, a first in the history of modern pop as far as I know. (While Warren Zevon’s “Hit Somebody” may be topically relevant, it isn’t specific enough). There’s no shortage of sports references here as “High and Tight” with its hooky chorus and stinging guitars make it a rock ‘n’ roll fastball. Other favorites include “Satisfied Fool” and “Make It Hurt” as well as the previously mentioned jangle gem, “Say Goodbye”.

Tom Baker and the Snakes are: Tom Baker (vocals and guitars), John Brookhouse (guitars, vocals), Charles Hansen (guitars), John Sheeran (bass), and John Blout (drums). PLAY IT LOUD.

The official street date is March 31. You can get Tom Baker and the Snakes’ Lookout Tower in digital form at the Rum Bar Bandcamp page. If you prefer physical product, you can buy the CD at Kool Kat Musik.