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Posted by on Apr 14, 2015 in News, Powerpop |

CD Review: Kurt Baker Combo – Muy Mola Live

CD Review: Kurt Baker Combo – Muy Mola Live

Lately, writing about Kurt Baker has become a habit. The very prolific Mr. Baker has released a couple of discs of brand new material recently, including Brand New B Sides (a powerpop “B” sides and stragglers collection) and a collaborative effort with Brad Marino and Geoffrey Palmer of The Connection under the moniker The New Trocaderos. As they say on those late night infommercials…

But wait. THERE’S MORE.

kurt baker coverWhen people say “party”, Kenosha Wisconsin is not the first thing that comes to mind. The Kurt Baker Combo and their live LP, Muy Mola Live challenge that notion. Recorded at Salty Peet’s Rock Shack on a Monday night (not the optimal time, either), the band brings their upbeat, highly infectious sound to the great white north. The band rocks and the folks in attendance are clearly enjoying the experience.

Kurt is quite the showman (Abominable Showman, maybe?) as the band rocks through a Baker’s dozen (sorry, couldn’t resist) top notch powerpop numbers. This is the only band that can at once remind you of Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Graham Parker or Dave Edmunds. Hell, all the show needs is Wreckless Eric with a trip to stumble across the stage and let out a loud belch.

The uptempo “Weekend Girls” gets the party started right. “Everybody Knows” sounds like an EC outtake while “Partied Out” kicks ass harder than a cross-eyed Rockette*. “Tried and True” will remind one of The Mosquitos or perhaps Adam Schelsinger’s “That Thing You Do”. “Don’t Go Falling In Love” is a pop tune piece de resistance with a killer hook that’ll make remember it for a long time.

*Thanks to Lord Carrett for the Rockette joke.