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Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in News, Powerpop Chords, powerpop guitar chords | 3 comments

Guitar Chords: The Heats’ I Don’t Like Your Face

Guitar Chords: The Heats’ I Don’t Like Your Face

The Heats (aka The Heaters) dominated the Seattle rock scene long before the grunge movement of the 80’s. 1979’s Have An Idea is one of the greatest LPs of all time and routinely finds it’s place on “Best of all time” lists. Below, you’ll find the chords to the Heats first single, “I Don’t Like Your Face”. If you’ve every seen them live (or heard a live recording), you know that the band would occasionally “dedicate” this song to a local music critic. If you’ve not heard them live, we reviewed The Heats Live at the Showbox back in July. You may want to pick this one up.

Have An Idea was the first release on Albatross Records, a small label owned by Ann Wilson of Heart. Unfortunately, the label was poorly run and it’s financial problems made distribution nearly non-existent outside of Seattle. Despite opening for major acts such as The Kinks, The Records and The Knack as well as having sold 15,000 copies of the single in Seattle alone, they could not get the attention of the major labels. Eventually, they disbanded due to the usual clashing of egos.




  1. Hey, Albatross Records was owned by Ken Kinnear, owner of Albatross Productions (concert promotion co.) and manager of Heart. Not Ann Wilson.I was there.

    And there’s a story behind this song. 1979, Ad Lib Tavern, Kent WA, opening for David LaFlamme (It’s A Beautiful Day). Nothing to do with David, though.

  2. The Heats were great. Saw them a few times. Have An Idea is a kick ass LP. Wish it could have been a success for them.

  3. I met Steve Pearson in between Rangehoods sets at Rhoda Mueller’s Rainbow Tav 30 years ago, and he was a self-effacing, modest fellow. I commented on the hollow-body guitars he and Pat Hewitt played and Steve said, “I didn’t know ANYTHING about hollow-bodies until Pat taught me”. I doubt that was true, but I was impressed at how Mr. Pearson had his ego under control. And the ‘Hoods were an ass-kicking band!