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Posted by on Jan 4, 2015 in powerpop guitar chords | 2 comments

Powerpop Guitar Chords – Do Anything You Wanna Do

Powerpop Guitar Chords – Do Anything You Wanna Do

Recently I decided to try my hand at playing the guitar and learning to play my favorite powerpop songs. It has since occurred to me that perhaps I should share powerpop guitar chords, notes and other peripheral items with others so as to soften the learning curve as much as possible. I hope to share these often moving forward.

Below, you’ll find guitar chords for Eddie & The Hot Rod’s Do Anything You Wanna Do. Please feel free to comment, critique and otherwise provide any valuable input should you notice anything that is not accurate in your estimation.

Background: Eddie & The Hot Rods were born of the UK’s pub rock movement of the mid 70’s. They earned a residency at The Kensington in London and would later exchange top billing at The Nashville with Joe Strummer’s band, the 101’ers. The Sex Pistols opened their shows at The Marquee and the band had a running feud with AC/DC to see who could draw better.

In 1977 Eddie & The Hot Rods would reach the UK top ten with “Do Anything You Wanna Do”.


  1. Try that F#m using thumb to fret bottom E string on 2nd fret, fingers 3,4 on A and D strings respectively on 4th fret, finger 1 on G string, 2nd fret then let the B and E strings ring open. Hopefully you’ll find that sounds more like the record..!
    Best wishes , PB

    • Perry – Thanks so very much for the tip. It’s greatly appreciated!