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Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in News, Powerpop |

Meyer-men at Work: Progress on a New Meyerman LP

Meyer-men at Work: Progress on a New Meyerman LP

Who Do You Think You Are? was by far the best surprise of 2011. Ted Meyer gave us a few moments of his time in a very busy schedule (23 demos worth of busy!) to give us the skinny on the next Meyerman full-length, due out later this year.

biommTed stated that while things are moving along at a bit of a slower pace than he might like, the results have been quite pleasing. Although the band probably could have come up with a couple of stellar EPs by now, he prefers to hold off on releasing anything prematurely and instead concentrate on putting together a long player that will best Meyerman’s debut LP.

“The result is something north of 23 demos and a constant flow of new ideas, each of which makes it very hard for me to stop and call it a finished “album”, says Meyer. “Nevertheless, I’m stoked about the new meyerman stuff and I hope it will be worth the wait for those folks that dug our first one.”

As if that weren’t enough, “We’ve got Kurt Reil of the Gripweeds , who helped us track and mix WDYTYA, on board for this one, too.”

Ted hopes to finish writing and demo-ing by the end of the summer. The working title for the new Meyerman disc is “Happy To See You” after one of his favorite tracks among the batch he’s written thus far. We’ll keep you posted on the new LPs progress.