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Posted by on Jan 11, 2012 in Music, News |

Top 11 Releases of 2011: #4 Meyerman –  Who Do You Think You Are

Top 11 Releases of 2011: #4 Meyerman – Who Do You Think You Are

Here’s #4 in our countdown of the 11 best CDS/releases of 2011….

Meyerman – Who Do You Think You Are?

Every once in a while I hear a band that brings me back to my youth, one that gets the adrenaline pumping and makes me want to sing along or bounce around in the driver’s seat, making everyone around me at the stoplight wonder I’ve got severe ADHD or something. Meyerman are worthy successors to Copperpot and Evelyn Forever, two New Jersey power pop bands of the 80’s who understood that the priority is having fun.

“…But a few times a year I get shaken out of my complacency when I get to hear a record that makes me say to myself “this is why I listen to power pop”. Who Do You Think You Are?, the debut album from New Jersey’s Meyerman, is one of those records. This is classic Power Pop with 2 capital P’s. It’s also very “meta” – a power pop album which is mostly about being in a power pop band and a band’s relationship with its audience. So while it has the sound of a number of power pop bands running through it like Cheap Trick, The Raspberries, Butch Walker, The Shazam, it has the looking-at-it-from-the-inside sensibility of The Replacements or Local H.[from Absolute Powerpop]

Meyerman simultaneously give us hooks that stick and a running commentary on what it’s like to be a pop band today.

“Well, after listening to it, I can tell you that this is one of the best Powerpop discs of the year. It has everything: melody, flavor, and fresh songs. These people are steeped in the best powerpop of all eras, from Cheap Trick to Velvet Crush. The disc is a veritable treatise on powerpop.” ES Powerpop blog (Spain, translated)

Play it LOUD.