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Posted by on Nov 12, 2013 in Music, News, Powerpop |

CD Review: The Wrong Words – Everything Is Free

CD Review: The Wrong Words – Everything Is Free

Every once in a while I hear a disc that inspires me. It may not appeal to what I would consider my pop sensibilities yet it manages to capture my attention. I can hear influences yet it is in no way derivative. Such is the case with The Wrong Words’ Everything is Free.

The disc starts off with a short instrumental that is pleasing enough but not all that noteworthy. Then things start to get interesting. “And It’s Not So Pretty” is an up tempo number and starts things off on the right foot. The chiming guitars and slightly jagged sounding “Where Am I Now” seem almost as if one melded together XTC, 20/20, and Mission of Burma. Its a strange recipe yet it works quite well. In that respect, they remind me just a bit of a San Francisco band from the late 70’s – early 80’s. While their sound isn’t at all reminiscent of Romeo Void, they share one thing – they’re an example of some very diverse influences coming together to create something unique and appealing.

e1159a8d2ef09ca39ad4fa6684d044a39b7c7366The country twang in “What The Word Means” is a welcomed and surprising stylistic turn while the song that follows, “The Sting”, is an energetic rocker that strikes me as being a likely high point in any live Wrong Words performance. “The Other End Of The Line” sounds almost as if it could have come off of an XTC Fuzzy Warbles collection with a catchy chorus that will work its way into your subconscious after just a few listens.

The recording concludes with the best powerpop number on the disc, “What’s Done is Done”, with the kind of infectious chorus and ringing guitars that will put a smile on any long time fan of the genre.

The Wrong Words’ Everything is Free pushes the envelope at times while paying heed to pop conventions other times, making for a very interesting listen if not a masterpiece. A blend of pop hooks and interesting arrangements make this a disc worth picking up.

The Wrong Words are:

Josh Miller – Guitar/Vocals
Ajax Green – Bass
Layla Cooper – Drums

Unlike the title, Everything is not free. This will cost you a few sheckles but it’s worth your time and money.