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Posted by on Jan 16, 2012 in Music, News |

Best CDs of 2011: #1 The Wellingtons – In Transit

Best CDs of 2011: #1 The Wellingtons – In Transit

The Wellingtons – In Transit

I look for bands that can give me that candy-sticky hook and these guys deliver BIG TIME. Relying on catchy melodies and excellent harmonies, they remind me a little bit of one of last year’s favorites, Farrah. While Zac Anthony shines on Adamant and Keep me Holding on, Kate Goldby does the honors on “I’m Feeling The Same Way” and “Baby’s Got A Secret”, two outstanding songs and a change of pace from the rest of the CD. There’s not a single wasted moment here and months after buying it I still play it often, never feeling compelled to skip a song. I’m not much for slow songs but even “I Fell For You” is enjoyable.

The pace is relentless till we reach the string laden ballad “I Fell For You,” and here the band stretches its wings with a goose-bump inducing bridge. The songwriting here is also excellent. Every tune here hits the mark, with a one exception(“Alright, Alright” feels a bit forced compared to the others). For those bands looking for a prime example of modern power pop, this should serve as the new template. Fans of IKE, Farrah, and group harmonies should not hesitate and grab this album. Easy top ten nominee for 2011.[]

The Wellingtons are on Zip records, home of another of my faves, Smash Palace. And the name of their CD, In Transit, is also the name of another great CD, P76’s In Transit. What does that have to do with anything, you ask? Nothing, really. I just can’t help myself. Too much caffeine.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes melodic pop.

The Wellingtons – Keep Me Holding On

The Wellingtons – Babys Got A Secret (Loco club – Valencia – 14-09-11)