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Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Powerpop News: Edward O’Connell readies follow-up to Our Little Secret

Powerpop News: Edward O’Connell readies follow-up to Our Little Secret

edward-oconnellBack in 2010 perhaps the best LP of the year came from a complete unknown. From out of left field and Washington DC (near the Washington Nat’s ballpark, maybe?) came Edward O’Connell and his collection of powerpop confections entitled Our Little Secret. Soon, Our Little Secret became every serious powrpop fans’ little obsession with songs that reminded one of Elvis Costello or Warren Zevon – albeit with the requisite jangly guitars that make it just right for the power-popper’s palette. From the Nick Lowe parody cover to the monstrous hooks, this album was pleasing on every level.

In fact, Mojo Magazine gave the disc a four star review.

“I got your message yesterday afternoon, just as I was setting out to do some work on the next record”, O’Connell wrote yesterday in response to a quick note I’d sent him. I had wondered if he had planned a follow up to “Our Little Secret” and fortunately, that seems to very much be the case.

O’Connell is in the process of finishing up “a handful of new song stragglers” and is planning spending some time recording them in the very near future.

“Then, I’ll complete the set of demos I’ve been working on for the past year, get them to the other players and start recording in the fall for a Spring 2014 release. Slowly, but surely it’s rolling along.”

Joining O’Connell on Our Little Secret were Karl Straub and Buddy Speir on guitars, Scott McKnight on bass, and Jonathan Babu on drums. No word on what the lineup will be for this new LP.