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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Music, News | 1 comment

Didn’t Planet’s We’re Going Nowhere

Didn’t Planet’s We’re Going Nowhere

Concept albums are not my thing. Give me a disc full of 2 minute 30 second songs about girls and I’m good. Between The Who’s release of “Tommy” in the 70’s and Meyerman’s disc of last year, I can’t remember hearing a concept record I really liked. Then I heard Didn’t Planet’s “We’re Going Nowhere”.

Roll the band’s name around on your tongue for a bit and you get an idea where they’re coming from. Chock full of great songs and a sense of humor, this disc continues where Meyerman left off last year with their fine record, “Who do you think you are?”.

I’m a sucker for cultural references, and the opening song, an adaptation of the Fat Albert theme song, sucked me right in. From there, Didn’t Planet takes us on an amusing (albeit somewhat sad) tour through the the eyes of a cover band. Marriann(E) is a guitar driven number about a girl who “wants to hear Duran Duran from her friendly neighborhood cover band”. Catchy as hell. The title song, “We’re Going Nowhere”, reminds me a bit of Green Day. “Come along with me, come along with me. We’re going nowhere”.

The song serves as a reminder that there is no commercial justice in America.

The disc concludes with “Bitter”, a tune that convincingly captures the state of mind of those faced with the reality that art and commerce no longer meet.

“Bitter always sees the bigger picture. Bitter wants to help you to amend. When no one wants to hear the fuckin’ Pixies any more, Bitter wants to tell you as a friend. Bitter always stays until the end.”

Humor and Didn’t Planet

Didn’t Planet shares their sense of humor with us through both their songs and the audio bits between them. In one such bit you hear a parody of audience members making unimaginative requests of the band. “Do you guys play any Justin Timerlake? How “bout Lady Gaga? Phhhhhhisshh!”

I had to laugh as it was somewhat reminiscent of the scene around a Blotto show from the 80’s, the difference being the crowd at Blotto shows were in on the joke. We’d yell “Hey, Play something good!” or “What do you guys do for a living anyway?” between songs, thinking we were in on a joke but probably being unwitting accomplices to a higher level joke.

Getting back to the matter at hand…go out and get this recording at CD Baby.The release is available as an mp3 download only, in keeping with the theme of the recording. Let’s face it, if this very fine “record” sells a half dozen units it might be considered a success in this day and age. So what are you waiting for?

Buy it now and strike a blow for commercial justice.

1 Comment

  1. Thank you, Richard! At last count, I think we’ve moved 5 CDs… we’re just shy of stardom!