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Posted by on Jan 25, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Lannie Flowers – Flavor of the Month

Lannie Flowers – Flavor of the Month

While recording his third album, Lannie Flowers found that work was taking a bit longer than expected. So, he chose to release a few singles in the interim – songs that did not thematically fit his project at the time, issuing each as a free download. Now, these songs have been assembled, remixed and re-mastered. The final product is a forth album entitled Flavor of the Month.

Whereas Home was a conceptually cohesive piece from start to finish (and one of 2019’s best), Flavor of the Month comes from a different place – a place where the 3 minute single is king. Every song stands on it’s own with no responsibility to any other tune on the record. It’s refreshing, fun and as radio friendly as can be (if that’s still a thing).

The instantly catchy “Don’t Make Me Wait” is just one of fourteen killer tracks. “Lost in a Daydream” takes us on a 3:02 Magical Mystery Tour while “Good” boasts a memorable, poppy chorus and paisley tinged guitar interlude.

There are so many highlights here. “Summer Blue” has a chorus that sticks, “Let it Go” is a nice acoustic change of pace, “What Did I Know” takes on an early Beatles flavor, and “Doin’ Fine” with it’s great guitar work and easily relatable lyrical content simply kicks ass.

Pre-order Lannie Flowers’ Latest

There is so much here to like. I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of Lannie Flower’s latest, Flavor of the Month. It’s yet another fine Big Stir / SpyderPop release. CD release is set for February 25 with a vinyl release to follow. Pre-order your copy HERE.

Highly Recommended.