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Posted by on Feb 2, 2024 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Liquid Mike – S/T

Liquid Mike – S/T

Liquid Mike’s first album was among those I missed until the tail end of 2023. That being the case, while I listed it as being among the year’s best, I was unable to schedule it for review and publication. 

So here goes.

Ironically, I’m writing this as Liquid Mike releases album number two. Since the band specializes in short, punchy power pop (S/T is only 18 minutes in length), this turn around time isn’t surprising. Songs are short for a simple reason – Mike Maple, the band’s only songwriter, is a mailman. Songs are written between deliveries. Songs must be short and to the point.

Between Weezer & Superdrag

That said, the band’s debut album may be short in duration, but it’s chock full of hooky tunes with a sound that lies somewhere between power pop and emo. You’ll hear Weezer, Superdrag and a few others in their sound.

The full band includes the aforementioned Maple, Monica Nelson (synth, vocals), Cody Marecek (drums), Zack Alworden (bass), and Dave Daignault (guitar).

The opening track, “BLC”, is a prime example of the way power pop songs are supposed to be. “BLC” clocks in at under 2 minutes. It’s a wall to wall hook. Other uber-catchy tracks include “2 Much of a Good Thing”, “Built 4 Nothing Good”, and “God Bless the World”, the latter of which has lyrics worthy of a laugh or two.

Get Liquid Mike’s first album on Bandcamp or Apple Music

Brand New from Liquid Mike

Mike Maple writes songs at a fast and furious pace. As a result, he’s had another ready for release in advance. It’s called Paul Bunyan’s Slingshot and officially releases today. Get that one on Bandcamp and look for a review of that one in a relatively short time.