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Posted by on Sep 28, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Somerdale – Let’s Get Started

Somerdale – Let’s Get Started

Somerdale’s Maggie Says It Again made our list of best power pop albums of 2017. Six years later they’re back with a brand new one, this time on the Kool Kat label. Continuing in the tradition of New Jersey pop ala Fountains of Wayne,  Let’s Get Started has all the hip, hooks, and harmony you’d expect from a top notch power pop band.

Better Than “Good Enough”

The hard driving, Who inspired title track starts things off with a bang. Love the harmonies here. “Crooked Roads” is first rate guitar pop with a killer melody and an infectious, uber-memorable chorus. “Lulu” is a piano piece with a great, late Beatles vibe to it. “Good Enough” benefits from big hooks, hand claps and harmonies that are simply to die for. Power pop doesn’t get much better than this. Until you get to the next track….

The opening of “Better Without You” is vintage late 70’s power pop somewhere between The Krayolas and The Rubinoos – but I can’t quite put my finger on where exactly. It’s that timeless sound that immediately gives you the warm and fuzzies like something off of an old Rhino powerpop comp. The hand claps and shout aloud chorus make it simply irresistible.

Get Somerdale’s Let’s Get Started

There isn’t a bad note on Somerdale’s latest, Let’s Get Started. Get your copy from New Jersey’s premier record label, Kool Kat Musik.