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Posted by on Jul 19, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Eddie & The Hot Rods – Guardians of the Legacy

Eddie & The Hot Rods – Guardians of the Legacy

Truth be told, Eddie & The Hot Rods were one hit wonders. They’re best known for “Do anything You Wanna Do”, one of the most revered songs in pub rock history. And they had shoulda been hits. “Teenage Depression” comes to mind immediately. Their lead singer, Barry Masters, was there from day one…until he wasn’t.

There have been numerous lineup changers since Masters reformed the Hot Rods in 1984. He was the one constant. So when he passed, the band had to decide whether to finally hang it up for good. Guardians of the Legacy answers that question with a loud, fast and resounding NO. 

As is their habit, The Hot Rods play each tune at break neck speed. And new lead vocalist Ian Dean is up to the task. While no track on Guardians of the Legacy can touch the radio friendly “Do Anything” or “Teenage Depression”, the band packs the same wallop as back in the day. In that sense, they show themselves to be worthy successors.

The Legacy Continues

The opening track, “Guardians of the Legacy” is as much a mission statement as a song. For one thing, it doesn’t have a chorus. And yet, it sounds complete. “Secret Smile” is another supercharged track with a catchy chorus that reminds me just a bit of a Bill Stevenson penned Descendents track (minus the guitar solo). And Simin Bowley is a beast on the drums.

The legacy theme continues with one of the better songs on the album. “Heritage” gives further definition to the band’s mission….and it really rocks. With “New Frontier”, it sounds as if we’ve wondered onto a Jam album. It’s a little different and a great way to end the album…with a promise and a surprise.

Eddie & The Hot Rods are Ian Dean (vocals), Richard Holgarth (guitars, keys, vocals), Mic Stoner (bass, vocals) and Simon Bowley (drums, vocals).

Get Guardians of the Legacy Here

I’m not convinced that Guardians of the Legacy has appeal for those who are not aware of what this band meant to the punk/pop bands that would follow in their footsteps. But for completists, this is a must. You can get Eddie & The Hot Rods’ Guardians of the Legacy at Kool Kat Musik.