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Posted by on Oct 4, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Bobby Sutliff – Only Ghosts Remain (Plus)

Bobby Sutliff – Only Ghosts Remain (Plus)

Windbreakers fans will be thrilled with this reissue of one of power pop’s classic records. Not as many are familiar with the post-Windbreakers work of Bobby Sutliff (me included). But Only Ghosts Remain was his first solo effort, released when The Windbreakers (Bobby Sutliff & Tim Lee) were still a thing. And as such, it’s the Sutliff record that most resembles his Windbreakers work. Now it has been reissued – and with eleven bonus tracks!

A (Brilliantly) Stupid Idea

Throughout the entirety of Only Ghosts Remain, sad lyrical stories are married to ornate musical arrangements to create atypical yet very catchy pop tunes. It still surprises me that the opening track, “Same Way Anymore” or the equally catchy “Second Choice” were not hits back when originally released. First rate in every way, they were delivered with a tuneful kind of urgency. The lovely guitar chime of “Stupid Idea” juxtaposes a depressing lyric, making for a most unusual yet imminently hummable three minutes and twenty seconds.

Get Bobby Sutliff’s Only Ghosts Remain Plus

Only Ghosts Remain is 80’s power pop at its zenith. Everything producer Mitch Easter touched at that time had that unmistakable signature sound that propelled REM to meteoric heights. And now you can relive them – with eleven bonus tracks! Get your copy of Bobby Sutliff’s Only Ghosts Remain Plus at Kool Kat Musik or Amazon.