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Posted by on Dec 20, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Uni Boys Go Back In Time with Do It All Next Week

Uni Boys Go Back In Time with Do It All Next Week

Feeling nostalgic? Uni Boys’ Do It All Next Week captures the less is more production ethos that permeated disks by The Flashcubes, The Nerves, The Jumpers, Milk ‘N’ Cookies and virtually any small label power pop band of the late 70’s. 

The subject matter serves the time period well with songs about girls, relationships and more songs about girls. The band employs a trick particular to the time period they draw their inspiration from with the monologue intro to “Long Time No See”. It sounds like something out of a John Hughes movie. And the tune it leads into is pretty damn good, too.

Thunder Strikes…Again

You’ll think of The Breakaways when you hear short and hooky tunes such as “One More Night” and “Downtown”. “Caroline Kills” is a melodic gem with a sing along chorus.  The intentionally ragged “I Wanna Rock You” owes its immediate appeal to the Johnny Thunders like guitars.

Uni Boys are: Noah Nash (guitar/vocals), Reza Matin (guitar/vocals), Artie Fitch (drums) and Michael Chipolletti (bass/vocals).

Tracks On Wax

Although Uni Boys’ Do It All Next Week is available digitally, they remain true to their inspiration by releasing the LP on vinyl, too. Get your copy of either at the Uni Boys’ BANDCAMP PAGE.

Thanks to Pat Donders’ excellent site, Sweet Sweet Music Blog for making me hip to this release.