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Posted by on May 31, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop | 2 comments

Sun Sawed in ½ – Triptych

Sun Sawed in ½ – Triptych

Earlier this year, The Sun Sawed in ½ released a fabulous EP entitled Before the Fall. The final of three released over the last 10 months or so, all are now assembled into a full length (2CD) album. Add a few bonus tracks and we have Triptych, now available on the Kool Kat label.

There are a few things that strike me immediately. Not only are the melodies engaging but Tim Rose’s production instincts are extraordinary. The arrangements are inventive and the vocal work throughout is unbelievably good. The songs are served well by the contribution of so many outstanding musicians.

“Dear Always” is a back to front hook. A great vocal from Dave Farver and Joe Zeitlin’s cello make “Beaches in Bali” truly memorable. The band slows things down with “Softaway” featuring a terrific vocal performance from Doug Bobenhouse and the introduction of Eddie Torrez’s accordion to the mix. “Sirens” is memorable for it’s vocal arrangements, James Graham’s piano and its Bond movie feel.  

There are some real highlights among the bonus tracks, too. “Games” has a slightly more soulful vibe to it. “If Only I Had You” sounds like a 70’s rock classic and “Starling” is a brilliant composition masterfully performed and produced.

In addition to those mentioned above, you’ll also hear outstanding performances from Nate Barnes (drums), Ken Kase and Ken Rose (all backing vocals).

Get Triptych from Kool Kat Musik

The Sun Sawed in ½’s Triptych is truly special and sure to find itself onto many best of lists come December. A must-have for any discerning power pop or melodic music fan, its another fine release from the folks at Kool Kat Musik. Get your CD copy HERE.


  1. Thanks for the great review. One note, lead singer, Doug Bobenhouse sings Softaway and does the majority of lead vocals on Triptych. Ken Kase sings a duet with English pop singer, Ruth Royall on The Cool Ivory Wonderful and Tim Rose’s only lead is “Good King of the Summer.” Dave Farver handles six of the 20 tracks on lead:)

    • Thanks, Tim!