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Posted by on Dec 13, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Sloan – (Slow ‘n’) Steady

Sloan – (Slow ‘n’) Steady

Steady is the 13th album from these Canadian pop stalwarts. Here’s the most amazing part – Sloan has been creating great power pop music for the last 30+ years – with its original lineup intact. That’s an achievement all by itself. The fact that #13 is as good as perhaps any of their past releases is beyond remarkable.

On first listen, one is immediately impressed with the harmonies.  And the hooks – they’re here in abundance. So many of these songs are catchy with each of the four band members contributing memorable compositions.

An intoxicating Mix

The album is pleasing from the start with the up tempo “Magical Thinking”. Chugging and chiming guitars juxtapose each other with handclaps and backing vocals blending together to make for an intoxicating mix.

A pleasant day in the life style tune, “She Put Up What She Put Down” benefits from an unforgettable melody. “Dream It All Over Again” is a real earworm. A memorable chorus, hand claps and wonderful background vocals make this track one of the album’s best. “Nice Work If You Can Get It” sounds as if it could have been a Beatles Revolver outtake. The riff the song hangs on is particularly reminiscent of that period.

Has Power Pop Gone To The Dogs?

In one respect, Sloan reminds me a bit of The Replacements. The sound isn’t the same. The Replacements had some rough edges. Sloan is quite the opposite. However, Replacements drummer Chris Mars was by far the more adventurous writer in the band. Similarly, in Sloan’s case its drummer Andrew Scott. His “Panic On Runnymeade” is fascinating with its piano flourishes, blues guitar riffs and barking dogs. That’s right – barking dogs.

Easily one of the best power pop albums of the year, Sloan’s Steady will make you a fan of the band if you’re not already. Hopefully, lucky #13 is the charm for them. Get your copy at the band’s Bandcamp page HERE.