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Posted by on Sep 6, 2022 in News |

Holy Moly! Top Pop from JellyFox

Holy Moly! Top Pop from JellyFox

Equal parts 80’s synth and west coast pop, the new album from JellyFox (aka Matthew Payne Thompson) is his first – and oh what a debut! With sweet melodies, big hooks and lovely harmonies, Holy Moly could rival many 80’s artist’s “best of” albums. Every track is worthy of being an “A” side.

While JellyFox is first and foremost the work of Matt Thompson, he had some very capable help from friends. Tom Myers (drums) and Wyatt Funderburk (synth and vocals) serve to give JellyFox its signature sound. Mandy Funderburk, Paul Runyon and Michael Williamson create spot on harmonies that make your ears perk up and listen.

Radio Friendly Pop with Soul

The opening track, “Best Home Life”, is undeniably one of the most radio friendly tracks of 2022. That said, you won’t hear a catchier song than “Joshua”, a soulful slice of pop that makes you want to sing along. It’s my favorite such song since Jude Cole’s “House Full of Reasons”. If its those 90’s boy bands you dig, check out “I Was So Wrong”.

Other radio should-be hits include the title track and the equally enticing “Dog Days”.

Get Holy Moly by JellyFox at Kool Kat Musik

This may be a debut album but you’d never know it by the quality of the songwriting, execution or production. Good songwriting in particular, is timeless. Don’t be surprised to see JellyFox on several top power pop albums lists at the end of the year. Given the proper attention, a number of these songs could be hits in any time. Get your copy at Kool Kat Musik or the digital version at Bandcamp. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.