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Posted by on Nov 8, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Buzzcocks’ Latest: Still Alive & Kickin’ Ass

Buzzcocks’ Latest: Still Alive & Kickin’ Ass

Last week, we talked about the new EP from XTC’s Andy Partridge. This week, we’re visiting with another old favorite, The Buzzcocks. Back in the day, original members Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle wrote 2-minute long, aural roller coaster rides that still resonate today. Only Diggle remains, along with his penchant for undeniably hooky choruses.

The eleven tunes on the Buzzcocks’ latest, Sonics In The Soul, have all the energy of the band in it’s heyday despite the slightly more polished sound. Time has softened the edges just a bit, along with Diggle’s maturity as a songwriter. It’s every bit vintage Buzzcocks – and occasionally, better.

Another Buzzcocks Classic is Born

The sense of urgency is immediate right out of the gate with the frenzied “Senses Out of Control”. Another favorite, “Manchester Rain”, propels itself forward with reckless abandon not unlike early Ramones. Both the song’s guitars and percussive thrust borrow from the Forest Hills Four. Only Diggle’s nasal drawl make this one distinctively Buzzcocks.

With “You Changed Everything Now”, another classic is born. Two minutes and fifty-eight seconds of power pop bliss, the melody grabs hold of a few million wandering neurons and holds on for dear life. Similar can be said for “Nothingless World”. A start to finish hook reminiscent of something The Romantics might have recorded back in the day had they been just a little more adventurous, this one is pure power pop.

Other highlights include the pounding “Don’t Mess with My Brain”, the irresistible sing-along chorus of “Everything Is Wrong” and the guitar chime and harmonies of the radio-friendly “Venus Eyes”.

Get Your Copy of Sonic In The Soul

The Buzzcocks as currently constituted are: Steve Diggle (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard), Chris Remington (Bass) and Danny Farrant (Drums). Get your copy of Sonics In The Soul at Amazon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.