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Posted by on Jun 7, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Another Power Pop Gem from Pop Co-Op

Another Power Pop Gem from Pop Co-Op

Pop Co-Op are back again with another treat for the power pop palette. Like Factory Settings, Suspension is packed with the requisite hooks, guitars and harmonies to meet your daily pop requirements. And just as with prior efforts, every member of the band contributes significantly to the overall mix. 

“I Just Love to Watch Her Dance” is an immediate standout. It’s genesis goes back to Steve Stoeckel’s days with The Spongetones and having watched women dance alone at their shows. Stacy Carson’s drums explode at the 24 second mark, catapulting it into the stratosphere. As the kids on American Bandstand might say, it’s got a good beat and it’s easy to dance to.

Joel Tinnel’s “Unquestionably I-95” is another highlight. This venomous little ditty has a most memorable line. It’s so like you to come so far / expecting me to wait / leaning on your youthful charm / that past it’s expiration date. Having been written in pandemic times, one can easily guess what Bruce Gordon’s “Short Fuses” is about. An infectious melody and some inventive, world-music inspired guitar work make this one really special.

You’ll have to go deep into Suspension to find “Why Didn’t We”, the thirteenth track and possibly the album’s best. Co-written by Steve, Stacy and Joel, it has been described as a song about regrets, about paths not taken. Its relatable lyrics, spot on harmonies, guitar jangle and hooky chorus make this one a real winner.

Get Your Copy of Pop Co-Op’s Suspension

Get your copy of Pop Co-Op’s Suspension through Kool Kat Musik (CD), Bandcamp, Apple Music and other purveyors of fine power pop recordings. Frankly, you’d be nuts not to.