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Posted by on Jan 13, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Cheap Cassettes – See Her in Action

The Cheap Cassettes – See Her in Action

Years ago, I read an interview with a 90’s power pop band called Best Kissers in the World. The journalist compared their sound to that of The Plimsouls after which one band member responded “Well, I hope we’re better than that”. I remember thinking Man, you couldn’t sound as good as The Plimsouls on your best day.

The Cheap Cassettes have a new EP, See Her in Action and dare I say it…they sound just a little like The Plimsouls. And from this life long Peter Case fan, that’s some serious praise.

They had me from the opening guitar chime of “Lil ‘Bit Everyday”, the presumed single. It’s the perfect example of the kind of melodic, low-frill approach that made The Plimsouls – and now The Cheap Cassettes – so damn irresistible. And with lines like “She’s got a necklace made from the teeth of all the boys who called her cheap”, the title track is not only lyrically stimulating but it really rocks.

Similarly, they took a no-frills approach to recording the two live tracks, “Valentine” and “Red Line Blue”. The former is the old ‘Mats song, giving us a glimpse of what they sound like in the flesh. Sounds like a good bit o’ fun.

The Cheap Cassettes’ See Her in Action is due to release on February 5 but you can pre-order your copy of See Her in Action at Rum Bar Records. I suggest you do.