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Posted by on Oct 7, 2020 in News |

Rick Hromadka – Better Days

Rick Hromadka – Better Days

Rick Hromadka is back with a follow up to 2014’s Trippin’ Dinosaurs. On Better Days, Rick enlists some top notch power poppers to help out. Contributions from Ronnie Barrett, Joe Giddings, Fernando Perdomo, and Anny Celsi (just to name a few) and some really strong, impressive tunes make for a memorable record.

The very catchy title track (and presumed single) leads off the proceedings with the kind of chorus that really sticks. It’s perfect single fodder. Outstanding harmonies dominate “The Last Volcano” and “State of Mind” sounds as if it would have been a staple of AM radio in the 70’s.

Rick Hromadka’s Better Days – A Blast from the Past

In fact, Better Days reminds me of so many bands and songs of the 70’s. It really is a reminder of better days although I don’t know that’s what the author had in mind with the title. Maybe I’m wrong. Either way, it’s a blast from the past, always enjoyable while never derivative.  

Get Rick Hromadka’s Better Days at his website or by visiting Kool Kat Musik.