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Posted by on Oct 20, 2020 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Paul Collins – Another World

Paul Collins – Another World

Paul Collins has made the most of his downtime during this pandemic. Earlier this year he contributed to the new John Wicks Tribute album. This summer was the release of I Don’t Fit In, a career retrospective and compelling book. Now, he gives us 18 tracks culled from his tape archives aptly entitled Another World, the best of the archives.

As with any Paul Collins record, it’s a real hook-fest. Both the hardcore and casual Collins fan will dig “Hey DJ”, “Another World”, “On The Highway”, “Let Me Into Your Life” – this last one with Peter Case – and other hits as demos or alternate takes. That said, it’s the lesser known or previously unreleased demos that make this collection special.

A handful of 4 track recordings with band mate Steve Huff stand out and work to tell a bigger story. There’s the upbeat Buddy Holly-ish “This Heart”, the disillusionment expressed in “8 AM” and the reflective “How Will I Know”. “Let’s Go” is balls to the wall. All of these were single worthy.

Another World is a great companion to Paul Collins’ new book.

Recorded with Chris Von Sniedern in 1989, “Witches Falls” is a priceless piece of pop with a harpsichord twist. Hear it once and it’ll stick like glue. The chiming, clanging “Girl From New York City” (recorded with Huff in 1989) is another winner. It’s a wonder how neither of these found their way onto an album.

Another World is a great companion listen to Collin’s new book so if you have one of them, it may behoove you to pick up the other. And while you’re at it, pick up his single from the John Wicks tribute. All in all, it’s a treasure trove of great music you don’t wanna miss. Get your copy of Another World at Rough Trade or Amazon. Collectors can get it on blue vinyl from Alive Records.