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Posted by on Aug 20, 2019 in News |

The Rallies – Upside Down

The Rallies – Upside Down

Back in February of 2018, we discussed The Rallies and their debut album, Serve. Noting the “true and honest” nature of Steve Davis’ songwriting, the similarity was drawn between The Rallies’ songs and those of Todd Herfindal. Coincidentally, we reviewed Todd’s new one two weeks ago. Now, it’s time to discuss Upside Down, the new one from The Rallies.

From the get-go, melody leads the way on Upside Down. The irresistible bounce and guitar sparkle of “All Over Town” make for a killer single.  “Its Okay” opens with a vocal intro, bringing us to a message of reassurance with wonderful “keep calm. Carry on” harmonies. “All of Us” has a late Beatles vibe to it that feels so comfortable – like your favorite pair of slippers.

But its the classic power pop sound of “If You Do” that knocks me out. With an uplifting message, a monster hook, glorious harmonies and some beautiful Beatlesque guitar touches, this track is one of this year’s best. To paraphrase a famous broadcaster, this song is like Tim Tebow. You’re a better person for having known it.

There’s a lot to like here, from outstanding melodies to classic guitar jangle. These guys have the entire package. The Rallies’ Upside Down will be released on August 31. However, you can pre-order the album at iTunesAmazonGoogle Play.