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Posted by on Jun 11, 2019 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Gold Needles – Through A Window

The Gold Needles – Through A Window

When one hears the words Jem Records, one normally thinks of New Jersey bands and 60’s influenced jangle pop. With The Golden NeedlesThrough A Window, we’re treated to first rate jangle pop once again – but this time from the UK.

Fans of The Byrds will immediately dig “Sunset Girl” with it’s chiming guitar weave and catchy chorus. Similar can be said for the lyrically inspiring “I’m Gonna Try” while the thoughtful “Upon Our Skin” is a nice juxtaposition to the songs that proceed it.  “Here She Goes Again” has the kind of harmonies and hooky chorus that’ll make you believe you’ve heard it before.

While there’s nothing earth shatteringly different here, that’s not the point of The Gold Needles’ Through A Window. It’s pop music in a style you know and love, done about as well as one can. Get your copy at Amazon or Apple/iTunes. Release date is June 21.

While there are no complete song samples available yet for the new record, there is this promo video with a glimpse of what you’ll hear. Enjoy.